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The WATCHMAN™ device prevents life-threatening complications from certain types of atrial fibrillation. The cardiologists at Coastal Cardiology in Ladera Ranch and Irvine, California, place the device in the upper left chamber of your heart during a quick procedure to prevent blood clots from forming there. To find out if you’re a good candidate for the WATCHMAN device, call the office or book an appointment online.


What is a WATCHMAN™ device?

The WATCHMAN device is a medical device that prevents blood clots from forming in a specific part of your heart called the left atrial appendage (LAA). Some people are at an exceptionally high risk of getting a blood clot in this region, and the WATCHMAN device can give them peace of mind by preventing this from happening. 

The LAA is near your heart’s left atrium — or upper chamber. By preventing blood clots from forming here, the WATCHMAN device lowers your risk of experiencing a stroke, which can cause major long-term changes in your cognition and neurological function. 

Who can benefit from the WATCHMAN device?

The WATCHMAN device is designed for people with atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heart rhythm. WATCHMAN is especially beneficial for people with atrial fibrillation that isn’t caused by heart valve problems. 

Blood thinners are the traditional treatment for people with atrial fibrillation. However, the WATCHMAN device closes off the LAA without needing any medications. You don’t have to worry about life-threatening blood clots forming in that area of your heart. 

By getting the WATCHMAN device, you may be able to stop taking blood thinners altogether. You can avoid any potential side effects of those medications, such as bruising or nosebleeds, and avoid skipping doses of your medications by accident. 

What should I expect while getting the WATCHMAN device?

The WATCHMAN procedure is surprisingly simple and quick: it only takes an hour at Coastal Cardiology of Orange County. You also receive anesthesia during the procedure, so it isn’t painful. 

The team at Coastal Cardiology of Orange County performs the WATCHMAN procedure in these steps:

  • Making an incision in your groin
  • Inserting a catheter through the incision and guiding it to your heart
  • Placing the parachute-shaped device in the LAA using imaging 
  • Removing the catheter
  • Closing the incision with stitches

Most people can return to their typical routine 24-48 hours after the WATCHMAN insertion. Be sure to report any side effects to the team at Coastal Cardiology of Orange County and follow their explicit aftercare instructions. 

For more information on the WATCHMAN device and how it can prevent atrial fibrillation complications, call Coastal Cardiology of Orange County or book an appointment online today.