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The implanted CardioMEMS device and system empower your cardiologist to personalize your care based on real-time data on your heart function. The experts at Coastal Cardiology of Orange County in Ladera Ranch and Irvine, California, can tell you if you’re a candidate to use CardioMEMS as a management device for heart failure. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

CardioMEMS Q & A

What is the CardioMEMS device?

The CardioMEMS device is a cutting-edge medical technology designed to help you manage heart failure. It’s a tiny, wireless sensor implanted in your pulmonary artery to continuously monitor the artery’s pressure. The procedure for getting the device is straightforward, and you can typically return home the same day. 

The device transmits data wirelessly to the team at Coastal Cardiology of Orange County so they can access it for ongoing assessment and treatment adjustments. They typically advise you to set the device so it sends readings around the same time daily. 

How does the CardioMEMS device work?

The Coastal Cardiology of Orange County team implants the CardioMEMS device during a minimally invasive procedure in the office. They guide a catheter through a blood vessel to the pulmonary artery, where they can permanently place the sensor device. 

Once in position, the device measures the pressure inside the pulmonary artery, which is a key indicator of worsening heart failure. 

What are the benefits of the CardioMEMS device?

The CardioMEMS device offers several significant benefits as a treatment for patients with heart failure:

Early detection of complications 

By continuously monitoring pulmonary artery pressure, the device can detect changes in your heart condition before you notice any symptoms. This allows the Coastal Cardiology of Orange County to intervene early and adjust your medications or overall treatment plan, potentially preventing hospitalization.

Improved quality of life 

Patients with heart failure often experience symptoms like shortness of breath and fatigue. With timely adjustments to your treatment, the device can help improve your quality of life by minimizing these symptoms.

Fewer hospital visits

Heart failure can drive you to require frequent hospitalization because of fluid buildup in the lungs or worsening symptoms. CardioMEMS can reduce the number of hospital admissions you need by enabling you to manage your condition proactively.

Care personalization

CardioMEMS gives your providers real-time data, allowing them to tailor your treatment plan based on your evolving needs. This results in more effective care for many people. 

To find out if you’re a candidate for CardioMEMS, call Coastal Cardiology of Orange County or book your next visit online today.